Stay in Budget with Shotcrete, Gunite & Pressure Grout Rehabilitation

Steel Wire Reinforcement
Culverts are subjected to the deteriorating effects of weathering and also scoured by years of carrying sand and other debris. Culvert rehabilitation and pipelining using shotcrete can add decades of useful service to the structure without complete removal.
Improper joint connections in corrugated metal pipe and the resulting flow through these open joints can cause voids to occur outside the wall of the pipe. These voids can lead to unstable soil conditions, deflection of the pipe and complete collapse of the street or area above the line. Shotcrete is used to repair the joints. Pressure grout is injected outside the wall of the pipe to fill the voids and stabilize the subgrade. This combination offers a permanent repair to the line.
In many cases, the damage in a corrugated metal pipe culvert occurs in the invert and would require shotcrete repairs in this area only.
Complete culvert rehabilitation using shotcrete can be accomplished without disruption of traffic, as would be required with a complete removal and replacement. The flow in the culvert is also maintained during the rehabilitation process.
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